USA F Class Team wins Canadian Championship

on 09/23/2016

US Open Rifle Team at 2015 F-Class Canadian Championship

The USA 4 man team coached by Jim Murphy won the LUM Trophy at the 2015 F-Class Canadian Championship.

“I have been using Bore Tech Eliminator since 2007. Got hooked on it when I had a barrel, which kept fouling and my previous technique (which even included abrasives) did not work well enough. Tried the Eliminator, and it made wonders, reduced fouling and cleaned like nothing else would. Using it ever since.

This made believers of the US F-Class Open Rifle Team, and the entire Team used Proof-Positive Bore Stix, Proof-Positive Jags, Patches, and the Eliminator both in the 2009 and 2013 World Championships, the Irish Championships, and the Canadian Championships. Bore Tech products are just as an important part of our equipment as the barrels, the scopes, and the stocks. Superior cleaning gives us superior winning results. We travel a lot, and do not leave home without Bore Tech.”

Clean Barrels Win Matches and Bore Tech Eliminator is our go-to cleaner.”

Robert T. Bock Member of US F-Class Open Rifle Team since 2002