Essential Cleaning Kit Gear You Need

Congratulations, on your new firearm! Whether it was purchased or inherited; inew or used, either way, it is an important investment. You are now researching how to care for this investment in the future. If you want the best performance and lifespan for your new firearm, high-quality cleaning gear is great insurance to protect and maintain your investment.

Many shooters acquire a new firearm without giving much thought to cleaning and maintenance. They might purchase a generic, inexpensive “kit” but do not realize their error until it is too late. An inexpensive, generic “cleaning kit” can be a catastrophic mistake. Barrel damaging, screw together rods, components and solvents are just a few of the hazards you will experience. This is why we custom build your “cleaning kit” with the proper, high-quality products that are specific to your firearm. This way you get exactly what you need a guarantee of a perfect fit, flawless functionality and a truly clean gun.

Below is an illustration of the essential items that should be included in your quality “cleaning kit”. This straightforward guide will ensure that you cover all the basics and have the right gear for the job. Click on the picture below to view a larger version of the guide. We also offer other products in addition to the list that will make your cleaning sessions even easier, faster and more effective.

For a more detailed and in-depth look at the specific products, please visit the product’s page or simply click on the product picture displayed in the guide.

If you have any questions after reviewing the guide or the product pages, please do not hesitate to contact our Technical Service Department. It is our goal to make sure you have the proper cleaner(s) for your application.