Why should I choose Proof-Positive®?

I purchased a bottle of your Eliminator™ Bore Cleaner after seeing a lot of great reviews but after using it for the first time I can’t seem to get a clean patch. I have been scrubbing my barrel for days and am still seeing blue on my patches! Is there that much copper in my barrel? Does the Eliminator just turn blue on its own? What’s going on?

Some shooters may think this is a stupid question or never take the time to ask. Some just figure the bore is clean enough and others just plain give up. However, we think this is a great question and brings to light an issue that we think is significant and commonly overlooked, plus it has a very simple solution.

To start, we like to respond to this question with a question. “Are any of your cleaning components such as your jags, brushes, or the tip of your cleaning rod brass or bronze?” Here is why.

Traditional jags, brushes and rod tips are constructed from either brass or phosphorous bronze materials. Both materials are 60-90% copper in composition and that is why they are the culprits for continuously turning your patches blue. You are actually seeing the proof of how advanced our cleaners are and how quickly they can begin to remove copper fouling!

So how do you avoid this frustrating experience and stop wasting time? We told you the answer was simple; Bore Tech’s Proof-Positive® Bore Stix cleaning rods, jags and brushes. This revolutionary system of improved components eliminates the annoying and false indication of copper fouling caused by traditional copper containing components. This is a completely copper free system perfected for quick, effective and decisive cleaning. You can see the difference below.

TRADITIONAL BRASS PRODUCTS                                                       PROOF-POSITIVE PRODUCTS

Proof Positive Cleaner                             Best Gun Cleaner

Bore Tech’s Proof-Positive® system uses a proprietary, 100% barrel safe alloy and secondary treatment process which result in the shooter being able to effectively determine when a bore is truly copper free.

• False blue patches from brass components
• Barrel damaging nickel plated or stainless steel jags
• Flimsy plastic jags that bend and snap
• Brass cores and threads on your nylon brushes

Finally an answer to your question, “Is my barrel clean”? Yes, it is Proof-Positive® clean.