Love your Products

I just wanted to say that I love your Products! They are outstanding. I am a Firearms Instructor on a contract in Afghanistan, and I have to say that this is the best cleaning equipment and cleaners that I have ever used. I love them. Keep up the good work! I wish I would have had this available when I was in the Marine Corps and out here! Semper Fi!

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Brent M.
Future Customer

I really appreciate the communication and the way Bore Tech looks to find out what I need and looks to fulfill that. This plus the quality of the products pretty well means you will have to put up with me for more than the foreseeable future. Thanks again!

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Nicholas F.

Outstanding! Like always, some of the best customer service in the business. That along with great products is why you'll keep getting my business and recommendations! Thanks again.

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James M.
Great Service!

I just wanted to thank you for outstanding customer support. Your recommendations were perfect. Your immediate response when I was concerned about not having received a cleaning rod showed patience and courtesy not often seen these days. I am new to bench rest shooting, so you now have a loyal customer who will continue to buy your products.

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Walter G.
Status Report

Just wanted to give you a status report on your products that I recently purchased. They work great! I could not be more pleased! Your Bore Sticks are the best cleaning rods I have ever used, PERIOD! The proof positive jags are excellent as well, no more wondering is the bore clean with hints of copper from a brass jag. I have told all my customers that your cleaning products are the ones to own period! I have given away all my Pro Shot cleaning rods, jags, and brushes, to people that I do not care about!

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Rick L.
Impressed, Great Service.

Thanks for your assistance today with the jag, brushes and the Eliminator. It was a pleasure talking to you. I'm sure you will be getting more of my business and most likely some of my brother-in-law's business, as well, once I tell him more about Bore Tech. He is already impressed with the quality of your Bore Stix. Thanks again for your great customer service..

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Bruce J.