Patch Guide - Bolt Action Rimfire

Part# Patch Guide - Bolt Action Rimfire
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Patch Guide - Bolt Action Rimfire


Bore Tech’s Patented RIMFIRE, BOLT ACTION PATCH GUIDE features an industry exclusive, hands-free patch spiking system that eliminates the mess and hassle of spiking patches on cleaning rods. Each guide precisely aligns cleaning rods with the bore and prevents damage to your firearm & cleaning rod. Featuring interchangeable, front adapters there is always a guide to fit your specific rifle model and caliber.

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Bore Tech’s Patented RIMFIRE, BOLT ACTION PATCH GUIDE features an industry exclusive, hands-free patch spiking system that eliminates the mess and hassle of correctly spiking patches. These guides dramatically simplify and expedite the cleaning process.

Simply lay a patch over the opening on the angled patch plate, wet the patch with cleaner and push your rod down the bore. The angled patch plate effortlessly spikes your patch, eliminating messy cleaners on your hands, gun stock and cleaning bench. The Patch Guide also alleviates the cumbersome patch spiking process on longer cleaning rods.

Each guide features precision CNC machined and anodized aluminum components and is designed to precisely align the cleaning rod with the rifle bore. This eliminates damage to the firearm’s chamber and ejector by preventing cleaning rod contact. It also minimizes the possibility of damage to your cleaning rod. Simply put, the Patch Guide is a necessary tool for proper cleaning and protection of both your rifle and cleaning rod.

Featuring interchangeable, solvent resistant, front adapters the Rimfire Patch Guide allows for quick and cost effective rifle model/caliber changes. Simply loosen the set screw located under the patch plate and remove the adapter. Additional adapters are available for most popular .17 and .22 caliber rifles and are found on the Rimfire Patch Guide Adapter page.

If you don’t see a Rimfire Patch Guide that will fit your specific rifle, please contact Customer Service to inquire about our custom order Rimfire Patch Guides.

Why settle for anything less than perfection? Choose the best… Choose the Bore Tech Rimfire Patch Guide.

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Rimfire Patch Guide Length: 13.5 Inches

Patch Guide Color/Caliber Identification Chart

Color Caliber
Gold .17 - .25 Cal
Red .25 - .30 Cal
Green 8mm - .416 Cal

Stock Requirements:
For rifles with high cheek pieces please contact Customer Service to ensure the correct version of the Patch Guide is received.

Rod Length Requirements:
Bore Tech Rimfire Patch Guides Will Add Approximately 13.5 Inches To The Length Of The Barrel When Cleaning. Make Sure Your Cleaning Rod Is Long Enough To Accommodate.

Please see our convenient and easy to use Rod Length Guide by clicking the below or going to the Knowledge Center

How To Determine The Correct Rod Length For Your Application

Bore Tech Rimfire Patch Guide Use Instructions

1) Remove bolt as per manufacturer’s instructions.

2) Insert Patch Guide through the receiver until seated against the base of the chamber.

3) Position a dry patch of the proper size on the patch plate and apply cleaner or oil to the patch.

4) Push the rod forward catching or “spiking” the patch and proceed down the bore.

5) The patch plate also allows for application of cleaner to brushes.

6) To remove the Patch Guide from the action, pull the guide back away from the chamber and out of the action.
NOTE: For Rimfire actions with exposed bolt releases/sears it may be necessary to pull the trigger while attempting to remove the guide. This releases the pressure against the guide allowing it to be easily removed.

To Change Adapter

1) Locate hex drive set screw under angled patch plate.

2) Using an 1//8” hex key loosen the set screw.

3) Remove adapter.

4) Insert new adapter. Adapters must be rotated to the correct position so the angled patch plate faces directly up. For Rimfire rifles the section of the adapter that is cut away needs to face down.

5) Tighten set screw.

Q: Do the Patch Guides come with the front adapter?

A: Yes, all Patch Guides come complete with the front adapter and the rear angled patch plate assembly. It is complete and no additional pieces are needed for the rifle selected from the product selection drop down.

Q: Will these Patch Guides work on center rifles?

A: No, these guides only fit specific rimfire, bolt action rifles. Please see our Centerfire Patch Guides for this application.

Q: What length rod do I need to use with this Patch Guide?

A: Please see our Knowledge Center for assistance in determining the proper rod length for your application.

Q: How long are the Patch Guides?

A: The Rimfire Patch Guides are approximately 13.5 inches in length.

Q: Do the Rimfire Patch Guides seal inside the chamber?

A: No, due to the wall thickness determined by the case it is not feasible to machine an extremely thin wall. This thin of a guide would become damaged and break.

Q: Do the Rimfire Patch Guides come with O-rings?

A: No, it is not possible to machine a groove for an O-ring into Rimfire guides due to wall thickness restrictions determined by the case.

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I have never seen a cleaning rod of better quality 5 of 5 stars

Your Bore Stix and bore guides are top of the line. I have never seen one of better quality.

By: Francis H. SD, United States August 05,2013