Black Friday Deals 2022


It’s that time of year again.... Yes, the dreaded time of year were we rack our brains trying to come up with the perfect Holiday gift for that special someone. To make matters even worse you have an avid shooter on your list. You know better than anyone, these outdoor enthusiasts are very picky when it comes to their gear and usually just go out and purchase it on their own. So what do you do???

Go with some of the great gift ideas below from Bore Tech, of course!!! So don’t panic and go the extra mile with a little something extra special to meet your special shooter’s demands. Whether you are buying for an avid hunter planning his next hunt, a precision long-range shooter looking for latest and greatest, or a skilled competition shooter looking for that edge in accuracy, this comprehensive gear roundup aims to inspire all sorts of unique ideas beyond the stereotypical and boring gifts of the past.

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Gun Cleaners

Select Items 20% Off

This holiday season, stock up on high-quality BoreTech gun cleaners. All 20% off now!

Bore Tech Patch Guides

Patch Guides
Now 15% Off

Bore Tech's patented, industry-exclusive patch guides are now 15% off!

Patch Guides

AR-15/AR-10 Patch Guides
Now 15% Off

AR-15/AR-10 patch guides are now 15% off!

Bore Tech Proof-Positive Patch Jags

Select Items 25% Off

Just in time for the holidays, our rifle, pistol, and shotgun patch jags are all 25% off!

Suppressor Cleaning System

Suppressor Cleaning
Now 20% Off

Save 20% on Bore Tech's Effective, Simple and Safe way to clean and maintain your suppressors! 

Black Friday Sale

All 20% Off

BoreTech Lubes are now all 20% off! Perfect stocking stuffer for any shooter.

Shotgun Cleaning Rods

Shotgun Cleaning Kits
Select Items 15% Off

Save 15% on our Shotgun Cleaning Kits!

Bore Brite

Bore Brite
All 20% Off

Bore Bright, Bore Light, Come and guide this shooter to 20% savings this holiday!

Action Cleaning Tools

Action Cleaning Tool
All 10% Off

Take action this holiday with 10% off of our Bore Tech Action Cleaning Tool!

Bore Guides

Rimfire Bore Guides
Select Items 15% Off

Bore Tech’s Patented RIMFIRE BORE GUIDES are the perfect gift for any firearms enthusiast, and now up to 15% off!

Black Friday Sale

Patch Hog
Now 15% Off

Bore Tech’s Original, patented Patch Hog is now 15% off just in time for the holidays!

Black Friday Sale

Cleaning Pick
Now 20% Off

The perfect stocking stuffer for any shooter, our versatile Cleaning Pick is now 20% off!

Black Friday Sale

Bullet Knock Outs
All 15% Off

A must-have for any gun enthusiast, the Bore Tech Bullet Knock Out set is now 15% off!

Bore Tech Nylon Brushes

Nylon Brushes
25% Off

From chamber brushes to bore brushes and more, enjoy up to 25% off of our nylon brushes!

Bore Tech Bronze Brushes

Bronze Brushes
20-25% Off

From chamber brushes to bore brushes and more, enjoy up to 25% off of our bronze brushes!